Mr. Avinash is a Managing Director & Co-Founder at Novo Informatics Pvt. Ltd. In NI, his role includes heading Research & Development (R&D) activities and Techno-Commercialization of the products to be developed in the domain of Target Modeling & Lead Molecule Discovery. Before dedicating his duties to Novo Informatics, he worked in AstraZeneca R&D in the Computational Biology Division and was engaged in developing protocols for identification of new target molecules. He earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics from Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB-India) and possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology from College of Engineering and Technology (IILM-India). His initial research focused on Ribosomal RNA’s Conformational Analysis and its features. He was also exposed to internal chemistry of different kind of physical bonding existing in the RNA’s structure. On behalf of Accelrys, he was awarded as Best Computational Biologist in IBAB, 2009.He is currently pursuing his PhD under Prof. Jayaram at SCFBio, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. At IIT-D his research area comprises of computational protein folding by energy minimization and structural parameters. His research work has been exhibited at various national and international conferences. His energy minimization model has contested in a highly esteemed competition for protein structure prediction called Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction (CASP9). At Novo Informatics Pvt. Ltd. his prime responsibility is to upgrade the technical and scientific knowledge inorder to generate optimized solutions for Pharmaceutical/Life Science Industries.

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Novo Informatics is a Life Science based R&D Company with a mission to develop Biological Software for Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology companies and Research academics as well as serving clients in area of Target Modeling & Drug Discovery.

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