Recent Trends in Biotechnology
In March,2016
BY Avinash Mishra
at denbandhu chotu ram university of science and technology.

Invited by Prof JS Rana, chairman department of biotechnology under the conference titled "Recent Trends in Biotechnology". Avinash Mishra (MD, Novo Informatics) addressed participants on current application of insilico tools for drug designing. Post invited lecture, he demonstrated INVENTUS to the students and faculties of the college.

2 days WORKSHOP oN
In January,2016
BY Avinash Mishra
at children education society,Banglore.

Invited by Dr Kusum Paul, HOD Department of Biotechnology under FDP (Faculty Development Program). Students and Faculties both participated in the workshops. A detail description of INEVENTUS was given including hads on training on the software.

2 days WORKSHOP oN
In September,2016
BY Avinash Mishra
at Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology.

Workshop conducted by Sub DIC center of DBT on "High-throughput Omics Data for mining of important genes/traits linked to Agricultural Productivity". Dr Anil Kumar invited Avinash Mishra (MD, Novo Informstics) for lecture and hands on practice over “Protein Structure Prediction, visualization and analysis and Analysis, validation and molecular docking studies using INVENTUS™(Drug Discovery Software) .

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